03/20/13  |  UPDATE: STAR has left the building – beaten and half blind SBC pup

STAR – the half blinded pup from the San Bernardino City Shelter is out of the shelter and being fostered by Jennifer who LOVES this puppy.
This is one of the saddest rescues we have been involved in and even the Animal Control officer who has worked for 13 years was so touched by this dog that he named her STAR.

She will need to see the vet to get examined to see if she will need surgery or not as some asshole (sub human) beat her over the head.

BUT – that is ALL behind her now and we wish her a GREAT life!

Please say a little prayer for her tonight and THANK YOU to those of you cared about this special soul.

We will provide everything this pup needs to make sure STAR’S light will shine again.



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