HUCKLEBERRY is settling in slowly with Liz, his foster. He is still very nervous on the walk and we may hire a behaviorist to work with him a little. He has growled at Liz’s dogs when they got too close to her so he may be having a little territorial issues but who can blame him when someone is giving him more love in one day then he’s had in his entire life.

Please see another little video of him and what Liz said about him this morning
Huckleberry Video

I had a surprise waiting for me this morning when I opened his crate he had chewed up his bed… He had a look on his face that broke my heart…. It was like he was expecting me to beat him he was so afraid to come out… but i just left the gate open and he came out eventually tail between his legs… so I didn’t make a big deal of it just said lets go potty and he came with me and realized he wasn’t going to get beat and he did his business and didn’t cower down at all…


TITUS is safe and sound. Pat picked him up from the Harbor shelter and he stopped by to say hello before he went off to Vicki and Lori’s in Lancaster where he will have a lot of fun. Pics and Video attached.

TITUS VIDEO — a happy free spirit.
Titus Video

Thank you all again for helping us make this possible.

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