04/20/13  |  UPDATE: Happy for MOONPIE

Hey everyone, Here is a wonderful update on MOONPIE from Liesl from Luv-a-bull:

“Attached is a video of MoonPie (now named Bear) and his new Pit Bull sister, Rosie. Watch it HERE

Moonpie was rescued by Julie from the CalCity shelter outside LA, CA. He was adopted by Hannah and her family, who live in Portland.  Her dad, Bill, is the one narrating the video of Bear.

Hannah lives in a house on the same 6 acre property as her parents, so they all “share” Bear and Rose. So far, things are going very well!  Bear has been neutered and while under the anesthesia, they really got in and cleaned his ears out.  You can see how good they are looking in the video!  And Bill said he allows them to medicate them too.

Hannah said Bear refused to get on the sofa or bed when he first arrived… but she’s really been working with him, and now he climbs onto the furniture and sleeps with her… she says he’s been “well trained” to get on the furniture, which just cracks me up!!!  That’s our kind of dog owner!!!

This family is so wonderful with him… We sure got lucky with them.  They have had Dogue De Bordeaux Mastiffs for years, so Bear didn’t intimidate them at all…They just gave him some time to trust them. He sure looks happy.  And WHITE!!!  I think they must bathe him a lot!!!  Wow… what a lucky dog.

Here is a photo of Bear and Hannah!”





Moonpie's sore ears...

Moonpie’s sore ears…

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