Pets of the Homeless

116 East 7th St. Suite 204
Carson City, NV 89701
775-841-7466 (Fax)
775-841-7463 (Phone)

Pets of the Homeless believes in the healing power of companion pets and of the human/animal bond which is very important in the lives of many homeless. They find solace, protection and companionship through their pets.  They care for their pets on limited resources so they themselves have less. Our task, nationwide, is to feed and provide basic emergency veterinary care to their pets and thus relive the anguish and anxiety of the homeless who cannot provide for their pets.

Any homeless person across the US can call our headquarter office to request help for their pet.  We have specific questions that we ask to determine if they are homeless and we ask questions on the age of the pet and what type of illness or injury.

The wellness clinics that we sponsor are open to low income and homeless.  We provide the hard costs and the veterinarians and their staff volunteer their time.  They are done through our grant program across the country and are usually held where the homeless congregate.

Example: In Reno in January, we work with the Homeless Connect and sponsor Galena Vet Hospital and since it is so close our staff volunteers their time too.  Then in the early summer we do another wellness clinic at St. Vincent’s Food Bank.

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