04/16/13  |  START UPDATE: TURK & HOWARD @ E. Valley Shelter

Hi guys,
I know most of you are wondering about TURK so I wanted to share with you the latest update. TURK is being pulled from the shelter and we will get him tomorrow after his neuter.

We have been asked 100 times to help old boy HOWARD who is sitting waiting for someone to make the rest of his life a happy one. Seeing the condition HOWARD is living in and hearing about his sad story we couldn’t turn our backs on him. That being said, if you can find it in your heart to just add $5 to your already kind donation for TURK we will go ahead and pull HOWARD too (we will pull him regardless anyway 🙂 ). It only takes $5 to make a difference in these sweet boys lives.

(Please see HOWARD’S sad story and pictures below)

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you all again!!

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer taking pledges but taking donations directly.


Pay Pal:

(Please write  “HOWARD” in the memo)

Snail mail:

PO Box 4792
Valley Village
CA, 91617
(Please write “HOWARD ” in the memo)

Like always, if for some reason this dog is adopted or euthanized we will rescue another in his place.



Sweet Senior HOWARD is wasting away at the E. Valley LA Shelter!
HOWARD is 10 yrs. old and is super sweet. HOWARD was found on the street confused and scared. He was brought into the shelter and is now fighting for his life! He is sleeping on cold concrete when he should be sleeping on a nice comfy bed enjoying the last years of his life. It looks like other dogs have beaten HOWARD up—bite marks on him, raw patches on his elbow pads due to the likelihood of being an outside dog his whole life. HOWARD has growths on his body and is underweight. He was neglected and discarded by his owner when he needed them the most. HOWARD is the epitome of how loving, gentle, and sweet a dog can still be despite horrible living conditions and neglect from the people who are supposed to care for him the most.

Check out this video of HOWARD & MAGGIE

Thank you all for supporting our efforts, we couldn’t do this without you!

Steve & The START Rescue team

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