03/29/13  |  START UPDATE: 3.20.13 transport update on our 4 legged friends

It’s amazing what a little time and TLC can do for animals who are stuck unknowingly awaiting their fate at shelters all around the world. It’s the little things like caring enough to groom the unwanted pets, love on them, and to just CARE for them.That’s why START is happy to update everyone with a small victory for our 4 legged friends from our 3.20.13 transport.

The dogs below awaited their fate filled with sadness and stress at the shelter in CA, but within 72 hours their lives transformed and they are now safe, happy, and filled with love.

Two of the dogs were rescued from the Stockton shelter in CA, and ended up with Luv-A-Bull in Eugene, Oregon. The third dog, which was a DAY AWAY from being euthanized came from the East Valley shelter in CA and is now at RAIN RESCUE in Oregon. The other two dogs came from the Riverside Shelter and are now at S/NIPPED in oregon. Check out their pictures below


Meet HENRY, the lovable pittie from EV shelter. Can you believe this little guy was less than 24 hours away from being euthanized?!!!

Now THIS is Henry happy with a very FULL and Loving life ahead!






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