04/15/13  |  START: Fantastic update on former street dog MIDNITE

Hi guys,
This is the updated story about MIDNITE, the dog that was rescued from South LA at Midnight a few months ago.

Mandy works with LUV-A-BULL RESCUE in Eugene, Oregon and helped MIDNITE with his amazing journey from the street to his forever home.
The story is a little long, but so worth the read.

It will put a smile on your face.

Steve & The START Rescue team

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I wanted to share MIDNITE’S happy ending…(which is his beginning)

MIDNITE quickly became pretty naughty jumping all over everyone, nipping, typical bored puppy behaviors, not pleasant due to his size!! Adopters would be knocked down in seconds, not the best first impression!
So we decided to help him out and take him home. We used to rehabilitate Pit-bulls before working with LUV A BULL, so we had the skills. MIDNITE was a breeze compared to the usual’s!
I could go on and on but I’ll keep it simple. He’s completely Canine Good Citizen trained. We love him!
We have a thorough application process and no home seemed to feel right. We wanted his training to continue, for him to get certified, and have an active lifestyle.
My husband coaches soccer for our kids team and we bring our fosters everywhere when they’re ready, to expose them to real life situations. He was a perfect gentleman and the center of attention. Our good friend Max who we’ve coached with and known for years fell in love. MIDNITE was automatically drawn to him. And when we’re in public he’s trained to focus on us only, nothing breaks his focus. But Max….different story. Max has a lab and today the dogs met and wow did they have fun. At the end of the day MIDNITE was renamed ROGUE, after Max’s favorite river in Oregon.

Max is going out of state for a conference. We’re dog sitting which is great, we’ll get to help the dogs bond. When Max gets back he’s taking two months off to help MIDNITE / ROGUE settle. Then they’re gong backpacking and camping, just the three of them along the Rogue river for some official family bonding time.
I couldn’t be happier. My nephews are Max’s dog walker when he works. So we’ll still get to see him all the time! We’ll be his dog sitters, we’ll have play dates, continued tune up training, and a lifetime of love. Max is the most incredible dog owner. He’s extremely active,MIDNITE/ROGUE will have so many adventures.

I’ve included a few pics, I’ll get the official family photo on Wednesday so you can see his new home too. I hope this email brings you peace. You will never have to worry about this guy, he is living the high life. I am so happy for him. I am so proud of him too. He is very smart and eager to please. He’s been so respectful and loving. We love him so much. Letting him go would be hard, and we’re usually pretty detached. There is just something so special about him. He’s part of our family and always will be!!
Whatever inspired you to save him, he was meant to come here to this big family of love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful to have been a part of his journey.

I hope to work with you again, team work is the only way to have a successful rescue. Each person has their role to play. Every successful ending makes every heart ache and sacrifice more than worth it. When we’re good at rescue, it’s not a choice to stop. Keep up the good work!!

P.S. all of the dogs in these pics are START dogs. We kept Pixie the black staffie (she’s a foster failure who is still in constant training…she’s a wild one!), the blue boy Baylu comes on all our house calls and helps rehabilitate aggressive dogs, And the tiny mutant is a highly aggressive girl in training too! She used to attack every dog she met. MIDNITE was the first dog she accepted and felt safe with, he helped rehabilitate her with his patience and consistent love. She follows him everywhere. The fawn girl was a local dog on death row after being over bred. Highly dog aggressive. Now…she’s a lamb. She has been so good for MIDNITE she mothers him and teaches him appropriate mouth play in a gentle loving way. I’ve NEVER seen her do that with any dog.

This is why I love pit-bulls. No matter what they’ve been through, their true self is all love. And I believe most can be rehabilitated. My pack is proof of it!!

Thank you,
Mandy DeGuc
Luv-a-Bull Representative

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