03/17/13  |  SANDY UPDATE

Here is an update from Tamara @ Snipped:

She doesn’t have her own facebook page, but would love to update you all. She is doing wonderful and “the leg” doesn’t slow her at all. In fact she is so active that she broke her splint last week and it had to be replaced on short notice at another clinic until an aluminum splint arrived. She is having weekly cast changes and doing wonderful. A woman named Nancy has fallen in love with Sandy and been to the clinic often to spend time with her. Sandy was orginially supposed to be adopted by Cindy in Portland when Sandy’s leg is fully healed, but we have her blessing to unite this bonded duo. Nancy is a supporter of S/Nipped and also a friend of ours as well as an already approved adopter of 2 kitties from us. Nancy does have a 13 year old Rottie and this weekend we will do introductions between the two before she takes Sandy home. Nancy will bring Sandy back and forth for her cast changes, well probably will walk back and forth considering she only lives 4 blocks from the clinic.

Sandy will have another xray in 2 more weeks to see how the progress is going with the leg and to make sure the leg is healing as we are suspecting it will. So cross your paws and wag your tail for fabulous xray photos and good news. Adoption photos to follow.
Thank you,
Tamara McCuistion
S/Nipped Chairwoman


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