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1. How long does the pet memorial candle stay lit?

The virtual pet memorial candles are available for several lengths of time. You can light a candle for a little as one week to an entire lifetime. The minimal cost for this personalized memorial is $15 for one week, $25 for one month, $150 for one year, $300 for five years and $1,500 for lifetime.

2. Can anyone donate towards my candle?

Absolutely, when you share your candle with others they will be able to contribute towards your memorial candle. Each contribution will extend the life of your candle. If contributions total $1500, it will be lit for a lifetime.

3. Who can light a pet memorial candle?

Anyone who has lost a beloved pet family member or would like to honor a friend or family member’s pet. Celebrating of a life well lived should have a candle lit in their memory.

4. What do I need to light a pet memorial candle?

Before you start this process, it will be helpful to get some information you need all in one place.

  • I am lighting the candle for a friend/family member’s pet – Will require friend/family member’s name and mailing
    address, email address and name of Pet.
  • I am lighting the candle for my pet – Will require your name and mailing address, email address and name of Pet.
  • Select a photo that you are planning to upload. Please make sure the photo is exactly how you want to see it, we do
    not offer ways to lighten or darken or crop.

5. When lighting a memorial candle for another, how will they know their pet is being honored?

Your friend of family member will receive an email and keepsake card in the mail letting them know someone has lit a candle in memory of their pet. We will provide a link to where they can find the candle.

6. How do you relight the candle?

If you or a friend or family member chooses to recontribute to the candle at the same donation level, or higher, there is a 50% discount offered from the original cost. An email advising you of the term ending will be send in plenty of time so if you choose to renew there is no interruption.

7. What if I or anyone else has trouble finding their candle?

If there are any problems or inquiries with the site please contact or call 310.266.0458.Business hours are Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm (PST).

8. What is the candle lighting fee used for?

Your gift to START Rescue helps us to continue programs such as life saving shelter animal transports to our partners in the Pacific Northwest and Spay/Neuter Programs to low-income communities.

Light a New CandleEdit Candle