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Some lovely excerpts of Sid over the years:
July 2016-Do you still remember Sid, the old jindo mix we're forever-fostering? Here's a picture of him and the signed adoption contract that I meant to sent to you months ago. He is not in great health. Everything else is fine, but his arthritis is getting worse and his hips are starting to give out. He can still get up mostly on his own and go outside, but sometimes he needs help getting up on step from the yard to the house. I'm not sure how long it is ethical to let him live, but at least for now his quality of life is still ok.
July 2016 - What a special boy SID is. He has such soulful eyes.
You know, it's all about love and respect. SID is in the top 1% of dogs in the world who hit the jackpot!
April 2017 - I just wanted to inform you of the sad news, that Sid will be moving on to the Rainbow Bridge today. He is no longer to able to get up, or hold himself up when I lift him,and barely lifts his head up. He's depressed, panting and hopelessly barking. We've tried all treatments, with and without medications in the past 6 months when he started to decline, and this seems to be the time when it all seized to work. Thank you for rescuing him and the countless others!
April 2017 - I'm so sorry. SID was a lovely boy and he was a lucky boy to have such a wonderful family. He was definately a doggie lottery winner! He was very loved and at the end of the day that is the most important thing.

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