01/24/13  |  Officials remove stray dogs from Duroville

Riverside County animal officials will converge on the Duroville mobile home park today to begin the long process of removing as many as several hundred stray dogs from the Thermal park.

Loose canines, as many as 150 to 600, have been a problem for years at the dilapidated mobile home park on Pierce Street.

But now that droves of residents are moving to the state-funded Mountain View Estates in Oasis, the need to remove the dogs from Duroville has increased significantly, said Tom Flynn, Duroville’s federal court-appointed receiver.

Mountain View residents are only allowed up to two dogs that weigh no more than 25 pounds, and “therefore, dogs are being left behind,” he said Wednesday.

Nearly 50 families have already moved into the 181-unit park at 68-990 Harrison St. and all Duroville residents are expected to be relocated by May.

Officials say they worry dogs will be left to fend for themselves and develop a pack mentality that endangers them. Read the full article here:

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