05/15/14  |  Breaking News in the INDY case!

Carlos Duarte, the man who was caught on surveillance camera lifting INDY out of his truck by a rope tied around his neck and then leaving him for dead in an alley with near fatal burns, has been released from his immigration hold by the federal authorities. Duarte  was subsequently taken into custody by local police and is currently being held at the Los Angeles County Jail. His bail is set at $30,000 but we are hoping he remains behind bars.  The next  court date is on June 10, 2014 in Department 112 at 8;30 am.  INDY deserves justice.  The D.A. is taking this case very seriously and we ask INDY supporters to contact the D.A.’s office and thank him for his diligence and also encourage him to prosecute Duarte to the fullest extent of the law.   Contact info is: AYochelson@da.lacounty.gov  or call 818-374-2406. Please also mark on your calendars and come to the courthouse to support INDY on June 10, 2014 at 8:30am.  The previous hearing, Mr. Duarte’s entire family was present in the courtroom.  We need INDY’S  “family” to be there for him.  The court needs to see that animal cruelty is not taken lightly by the public.   We will keep you posted on any changes.  Thank you!

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11/8/13  |  White Faux Taxidermy Presents: WILD THING – A Group Art Show and Charity Auction

ELEWHAT: PROJECT Gallery is proud to host: White Faux Taxidermy Presents ‘Wild Thing’, a group art show and charity auction to benefit animal shelter and rescue team, STARTrescue.org. Home design company White Faux Taxidermy was created with the idea that their uniquely customizable and stylish faux pieces would pay homage to outdoor life without hurting animals in the process. For ‘Wild Thing’, White Faux Taxidermy resin animals have been given to twenty carefully selected artists, both local and international in their rawest form, creating a highly unique blank canvas. Each artist has made their chosen piece their own with only one simple rule: honor the animal. The results are handcrafted, original, one-of-a-kind pieces never seen before from these artists.

1553 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028

WHEN: Opening reception with silent auction: Saturday, November 23. 7p – 10p
Exhibit through December 8

Gallery: Sarah Gough, sarah@projectgallery.net; 323-462-1100
Press: Jen DiSisto, Art Duet, jen@artduet.net; 323-825-5221
WFT: Event Coordinator, Debbie Dexter, ddmagster@yahoo.com, 323-309-4977

Participating artists are: Anthony Ausgang, Bob Rickett, Steve Olson, Ian Ross, Adam Wallacavage, Christopher Conn Askew, Nicolas Bowers, Marsha Perloff, Clam Lynch, Dominique Nagel, Brandon Boyd, Jeremy Kille, Lauren Virdone, Frankie Infante, Kevin Lozano, Allison Torneros, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Holly Purcell, Elizabeth Conley and the Kenmore Elementary School/Kenmore, Washington.

ABOUT WHITE FAUX TAXIDERMY: WFT is a young, urban home design company with playful animal pieces that pay homage to outdoor life, rather than being a hunter’s trophy. White Faux Taxidermy products have adorned the walls of thousands of clients, businesses, hotels, magazines and design television shows. Sought after by well known interior designers from six of the seven continents, WFT has created a highly talked about and creative culture for the animal lover in every one of us. For more information please visit www.whitefauxtaxidermy.com/art-for-start-selection-page

ABOUT START ANIMAL RESCUE TEAM: Every day thousand of pets are killed in Southern California shelters. S.T.A.R.T. was formed in order to address the issues of overpopulation by providing two very important components: 1) Transports
animals are rescued from high kill shelters in central and southern California and transported to northwestern rescue organizations, where they are re-homed. 2) Spay/Neuter
funding veterinary clinics in local communities to facilitate free spay/neuter services. https://startrescue.org/

ABOUT PROJECT GALLERY: Beautifully designed PROJECT Gallery is a cultural destination located in the center of Hollywood. PROJECT features actively rotating exhibitions with emerging and established artists and boasts a unique and creative event space with a modern edge. In a very short time PROJECT has held exhibitions for contemporary artists such as Zio Zigler, Ian Ross, Jeremiah Kille, Brian Batt and street artist/muralist CANTSTOPGOODBOY. Diversified programming has included a group pop up with LA art venture CARTWHEEL and the highly regarded photography exhibits: 50 Years of The Rolling Stones, Indian Larry by Timothy White and ROCK/FIGHT, all of which garnered national attention. The gallery recently welcomed musician and artist Serj Tankian in his interactive exhibit: Disarming Time. The gallery has received widespread media attention from Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, BL!SSS Magazine, Complex, Los Angeles Confidential, Refinery 29, LA Canvas and many others. For more information on PROJECT please visit www.projectla.net or Gallery Rep www.artduet.net.

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07/26/13  |  Weekly Wrap-up! (INDY, July 24th Transport, & much more!!)

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.14.02 PM

Happy Weekend everyone,
We hope you all had a good week and have time to read some of these wonderful happy ‘tails’ .

Our July 24th Transport arrived safely in Oregon and WA, with a total of 118 dogs and 3 cats on board, who get to begin their new lives. Each one of these animals would no longer be alive if it wasn’t for the teamwork of so many kind individuals. (See some of the pictures here)

We want to Thank the ASPCA and LIVE OAK BANK for sponsoring these life saving transports and believing in our little group.


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07/14/13  |  Weekly wrap-up (LOTS OF NEW UPDATES!)

weekly wrapup pic

Dear animal fans,

We would like to welcome our new subscribers/donors and well wishers to START’s weekly updates.

This has been a very emotional week for a lot of us.
As most of you know there was a news report about a 3 year old Pit Bull named “INDY” who had fire works strapped to his body and set alight.
we was asked to help this poor dog that is currently at the vet hospital undergoing several operations and procedures.  Skin specialists have been called in to evaluate his third degree burns and INDY will need to undergo 6-8 week of intensive vet care.

BUT – through his pain and suffering INDY’s spirit has not been broken.

The news channels will continue to update his story and we would also like to mention that several anonymous donors have a combined REWARD of $11,000 for the capture and prosecution of the people who did this to INDY.

Although this was a horrific and callous incident we have tried to look for the positive in this and through the 1000 + emails of support, donations and love for INDY’S recovery we are astonished by the outpouring of kindness and compassion.  We “THANK YOU.”

We fight for the underdog and we hope you will find time to read INDY’s Story and update below along with some of our other HAPPY TAILS of dogs/cats we have sent on our transports out of California’s high kill shelters to begin new journeys with our transport partners in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you ALL for being a hero to INDY and caring about our 4-legged friends.

With love,

Click the link below to read more about this week’s weekly wrap-up:


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07/9/13  |  Check out START on “Life With Dogs”


START is featured in a story on Life With Dogs (www.lifewithdogs.tv).

It’s a story of a dog and her nine puppies that were rescued from Riverside, CA and transported by START to SafeHaven Humane Society in Oregon, where they were all subsequently adopted.

You can view the story here:


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06/27/13  |  UPDATE: Lancaster BONDED MOM & POM

Hi guys,
So we have 50% good news for you.
Our amazing rescue friends, Vicki and Lori liberated the Pregnant Bonded mom today from Lancaster and will foster her for START, but unfortunately the Pom is not available until Thursday because they need to fix her.
Please see the lovely pics & video below.
We have given her the name of PRETZEL and she is ready to pop at any moment.
She was very happy when she left the shelter but will not be fully relaxed until she knows her Pom friend will be by her side.
Stay tuned folks!
If you’d still like to make a donation to help us help these two please see info below.


Pay Pal:
(Please write “BONDED MOM & POM” in the memo)

Snail mail:
PO Box 4792
Valley Village
CA, 91617
(Please write “BONDED MOM & POM” in the memo)
Like always, if for some reason this dog is adopted or euthanized we will rescue another in his place.

Thank you all for supporting our efforts, we couldn’t do this without you!
Steve & The START Rescue team

Before: 8 Year old Pregnant Pit  A4595844

Before: 8 Year old Pregnant Pit A4595844After: LIBERATED!



PRETZEL’S video:  http://youtu.be/jPYKUavmzYw

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06/25/13  |  TAKING DONATIONS: two bonded 8 year old dogs need your help!

LANCASTER:  8 Year old Pregnant Pit  A4595844   LANCASTER: 8 year old Chi-Pom A4595845

4595844     4595845

Hi guys,
We are desperately trying to help these two bonded dogs.
They are both 8 year old dogs and were found living together at an Edison plant outside of Lancaster, CA.
They were taken to the Lancaster shelter and were quickly separated and were beside themselves with sadness.

The Pit is pleading to get out as she is VERY pregnant and about to give birth.
The chi/Pom mix misses her best friend an is scared.
Both dogs are supposedly very sweet and mellow.

We need to get them OUT ASAP as Lancaster has had an influx of dogs and are out of space.

PLEASE help us make sure these two see each other again out of the shelter.


Pay Pal:
(Please write “BONDED MOM & POM” in the memo)

Snail mail:
PO Box 4792
Valley Village
CA, 91617
(Please write “BONDED MOM & POM” in the memo)

Like always, if for some reason this dog is adopted or euthanized we will rescue another in his place.

Thank you all for supporting our efforts, we couldn’t do this without you!
Steve & The START Rescue team

If you would like to make a difference for mistreated animals
please subscribe to our recurring donation.
Every gift saves lives!

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It all began with Candace’s dear rescue friend Liz, who saw poor ROSIE, scared and hungry, in an abandoned field.
Liz tried her best to feed ROSIE until she could figure out what to do and also noticed that ROSIE may be pregnant or have puppies somewhere.  Liz then called Candace from START for help who in turn called the AMAZING Eldad (www.hopeforpaws.org) who went into action and realized MAMA ROSIE had pups somewhere.
(If you did not see the video then be prepared to be amazed by Eldad) Needless to say the family were all rescued. Poor MAMA ROSIE needed surgery which Eldad paid for and START was asked to take on the family. Mom and pups needed to be separated so ROSIE could recover and the maternal, kind, patient and queen of fosters……..Veronica Ferrantelli stepped up and fostered the 5 tiny pups for several months until she placed them ALL into loving homes.
(ROSIE got a great home too)

And this is their story….

Here are their videos:
1 – Their rescue:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFr8fm_oWNc
2 – The pups playing at the foster home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvMEtJyoNWY
3   A 6 month Happily ever after Family Reunion, with all their family photos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNQTBnHDHWY

We asked MAMA ROSIE to come to the reunion but her family felt it would be too much for her at this time, and we completely understood. There are also a few photos added of MAMA ROSIE with her new family that will just melt your heart.

What a beautiful story of friends pulling together to help this little family.


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06/3/13  |  The WINNERS of START’S giveback Before/After contest are…

1st place winner- Kitten Rescue (MELIHA)

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.12.58 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.16.36 AM

A few days before my trip back to Los Angeles, my mom and I spotted a tiny teeny kitten (looked like maybe about 6 weeks old) hanging out with some adult cats in front of a fish restaurant. One of the waiters said that the kitten just showed up a few days ago, there wasn’t a mommy cat and the kitten was just competing against the rest of the hungry cats there trying to get food scraps from the restaurant. As usual we were asked if we could please take the kitten so that she wouldn’t freeze to death or starve during the upcoming harsh Istanbul winter. My mom did take the kitty as she often does.

We decided to take the kitten to the city shelter vet to get her checked out. At the vet, as we were waiting our turn we could hear another client holding a teeny kitten asking the vet questions about the kitten’s eye infection. I recognized the man’s voice and asked my mom “Is this Melih?” Melih Çardak is a friend of ours whom we haven’t seen in about 20 years. Turns out on that same day he found a kitten -even smaller than the kitten we found-

On the street whose eyes were in the worst shape I have ever seen a cat’s or any other being’s eyes in. The shelter vet, who operates with very limited budget and under touch conditions, gave him an antibiotic eye ointment and said that the kitten would have to have her eyes removed.

We took Meliha home and bathed and syringe-fed her and kept her body temperature up applied her eye ointments around the clock

I immediately made an appointment to take Meliha to see Dr. Christine Fahrer at Eye Care for Animals and meanwhile took Meliha to see some of the super expert cat rescuers. Everybody agreed that the eyes would have to come out. In a couple of days it was time for our appointment. Dr. Fahrer said that she’s never seen eyes this bad on an animal but she still wanted to see if we could treat them with drops and ointments around the clock and get them in better shape before going into surgery. If we were so lucky maybe the eyes would heal without surgery. She confirmed however that Meliha didn’t see at all. The goal was to heal her eyes and to prevent the infection going to the brain. We started the treatment and Meliha was just the best kitten/patient there was. I was giving her eye drops and ointments several times a day and we were going back for rechecks to the vet regularly. With the work of everybody involved and Meliha’s unbeatable spirit her eyes got better and better and finally reached the point where she was healthy enough where the doctor confirmed while we needed to continue the meds, she didn’t need to have her eyes removed. This was a big victory for little Meliha! By now she was also healthy enough to get spayed and receive her FVRCP vaccines.

Could it be that she could actually be adopted out?

During an adoption event when I was sowing my other foster kittens, I told Meliha’s story to another Kitten Rescue foster parent, Cynthia McKeag. A few weeks later Cynthia contacted me to say that she heard from a potential adopter looking for a special needs kitty. The potential adopter was based in Seattle. After exchanging pictures and questionnaires, the adopter picked Meliha and another special needs kitty to adopt and Cynthia flew the kitties to Seattle to do the home check and to help them get settled in their new home. We continue receiving Meliha’s pictures, videos and updates. She grew into a super active and confident kitty and her adopter is training her to be a therapy cat. I could have never imagined that Meliha would even survive that first night when we met her. Meliha doesn’t see but knows that she is loved and cherished and that she is so very lucky that she was spotted when she was curled up in the street corner as a dying kitten by Melih.

2nd- Kat Parker (PIPER, “DrainPipe Kitty”)

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 5.51.55 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-03 at 5.53.49 PM

Piper was abandoned on the streets of Oceanside, CA. Not sure if she was adopted out of a shelter or not, originally, but she had no microchip when scanned after 5 years in the gutter.

This is the story of Piper, “DrainPipe Kitty”.  For a year, I tried, unsuccessfully, to humanely trap her… I fed her, too, and loved her, but in November, the rains were back; she was so sick and no longer could hide in the drainpipe.  She could hardly stand up.

According to neighbors and the old lady who fed Piper for four years on the corner in the drain pipe, Piper was once a cute little kitten that some people thought they wanted, 5 yrs. prior.   Imagine that. The people moved, though, and forgot they had the cute little kitty, then a teenager, to care for. She was abandoned, alone, on the street.  New people moved into her old house, but they had dogs. Big dogs and none of them liked cats, so the people would turn the dogs loose on this kitty to “chase her away” (from her former home).

Piper had been a mommy–approximately eight times in 5 years and had given birth to over 30 kittens, I was told. Unfortunately, the new owners of her old home, where she would be compelled to give birth time after time, were not fond of baby kittens, either. They drowned each litter of kittens she had.  No one who tried had been able to trap her, though. Neither the nasty new tenants of her old house, nor the animal control department who it is said did try many times, as they sometimes do in cases of “problem ferals.”

The last couple of times she was “raped” by the big black Tom in the neighborhood she did not have kittens, but instead they were “absorbed” by her body which is ravaged and torn by her harsh life.

I fed her a couple times a day, but she has no teeth left, and a painful abscess on her lower face only allowed her to eat very soft canned pate cat food. I also give her KMR to drink, for the nutrients it gave her. She loved the KMR, but every so often, she emitted a little yowl from her mouth because she was in pain, every day. Sometimes she just sat and stared at the food, hungry and way too skinny and malnourished.  She waited for me to leave before she would eat.  Ahh, well… I sat there, and I talked to her, anyway, every day.

Her fur was matted and flea infested. She was miserable.    She hid, taking refuge inside the drain pipe most of the time, even at night she slept there amid hundreds of creepy crawly roaches who only come out at night. i shudder when I think of her being crawled all over. This had been the best-case scenario for her for 5 harsh years of her sad little life And even that must have seemed like be like heaven to her compared to how it was when it rained. Every time it rained, I thought of nothing but her plight.   I have witnessed this poor sick girl shuddering in the cold at night under cars with nowhere to turn, and I have worried for her life, many times.   She appeared more and more frail. I did not think she would survive another rainy winter there.

I had to trap her.  I HAD to get her.  I knew if I could catch her, my vet who is wonderful with ferals, would help her , and finally get her spayed, too, of course, so at least that violence will no longer be a threat to her.. After trying unsuccessfully for a few hours to trap Piper, my friend Laura and I decided to get help from some big guns.  WE convinced the Oceanside Fire Department to help us save this cat’s life.  Fire Dept. guys were REALLY nice, and agreed to help us “flush out” Piper, since nothing else had worked, and this was a desperate sitch. Unfortunately, Piper knew the tunnels in the drainpipe much better than I, and emerged from a side opening we had not anticipated. We found her again, and set to block all the possible entrances We blocked 7 holes, in all. But that would not be safe for her if she got stuck at a dead end with water coming at her.  So we pulled all of my (3) garage traps out, and set each up at a different corner, and recruited the neighbor kids (and their mom) to stand “guard”/play scarecrow at each dp exit.
We each, including the neighbors, were taking care of a sewer opening, but to have a better chance of getting her, we decided to put the firefighters to work at the traps. What a sight to behold! ha-ha   Two of them “relieved” the neighbor kids and were guarding the exits, so if she decided to go out one of them, we could get her. (There were 7 exits we had to either trap cover or block.)  Piper suddenly flew out of the main hole she always took her food at, and Laura skillfully closed up the trap. The guys were great help. Without them, and without Laura’s expert help, this could not have happened.  I grabbed a blanket and covered her up, but not before we all got some pictures. What a day; what a rescue!  But, poor little Piper… seems her Holiday Miracle was not as bright and purr~fect as it we thought.  My vet did blood work, gave her fluids for massive dehydration, and combo tested her She tested FeLV-/FIV+.   She stayed with me until the end of Dec, beginning of January, had all her teeth pulled out (stomatitis), lots of other work, and finally a friend in the rescue community offered to take her and work with her, before we found her a furrever home.  She is still with John, and she probably always will be.  They have bonded, and though it took over a year for it to happen, she finally is coming out of her shell.  It’s a miracle, I believe, and I am not a religious person!

 3rd- German Shepherd Rescue Orange County (LIBERTY)


Liberty and her three siblings were found beneath a bush in a rural high desert location.  A Good Samaritan discovered the litter during a hike and immediately contacted German Shepherd Rescue of OC for assistance.  All of the puppies were bald from demodectic mange, covered in parasites and suffering from severe dehydration, however Liberty was in the worst shape of all.  Individual volunteers fostered each of the puppies and provided them with daily medical care for 4 months to return them to good health.  Liberty required weekly medicated baths, injections of ivermectin, oral medications, deworming and topical parasite prevention.  Liberty’s care costs alone exceeded $1,000.  Following months of care, Liberty was adopted by a wonderful family and she is enjoying the puppyhood that she had been previously deprived of!

4th-Hands, Paws, & Hearts (DUKE)

Duke shelter

This is before picture of Duke (top), bloody and mangled, a bait dog, mistreated, found wondering the desert, he was malnourished, multiple bit wounds on his entire body, old and new, teeth were in horrible shape, had to be filed and some removed due to breaks probably from protecting himself or being forced to resort to eating rocks, common for starving dogs, his ear almost ripped off, multiple staples, stitches, and medication to ease the wounds.  Despite all this he came to us at Hands, Paws and Hearts initially on Humane Foster from Lancaster Shelter.  He came to our rescue and our home and showed the gentle soul he was, he loved to sit in our lap, he was great with all dogs, he even left the cats alone, over time he healed both his wounds and his spirits.  He loved stuffed animals, he loved to lay in the sun, he had not a mean bone in his body.  Once listed he found his soulmate, a young man who lived in Beverly Hills, although he had not had his own dog in the past he was drawn to Duke’s gentle spirit, now they are best friends.  Duke lives in Beverly Hills and often visits Santa Monica Beach off leash where he walks and plays with his daddy without incident, he goes to the groomers weekly to receive his spa day, he spends time with his grandparents at the beach.  He is a testament to the true nature of the American Pit Bull, despite the inhumane treatment at the hands of humans he has embraced love and kindness and now is an example of how truly magnificent this breed is given the chance, the respect, the loyalty, and the love they deserve.

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05/24/13  |  5/24/13 WEEKLY WRAP-UP!



Click below to get START’s weekly wrap-up of highlights and updates from this past week:

START NEWS: 5/24/13 Weekly Wrap-Up

Just a reminder there are ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT to enter START’S Before/After Rescue contest!

START will donate to the top four rescuers with the best before/after picture and story.

1st: $500
2nd: $300
3rd: $200
4th: $100
The WINNERS will be announced by June 2nd. If you have any question regarding the contest guidelines please email Jessica@STARTrescue.org.

Have a great weekend!

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05/22/13  |  Help Save Mack’s Life

We’re helping our friends out at Friends of Culver City Animals rescue group by sharing MACK’s story and urging everyone to donate (if you can) and to just help spread the word so MACK’s life can be saved! Below is MACK’S “When You Wish” fundraiser.


Mack is at a foster home and needs training while his forever home is found.


Mack was found running down the middle of a busy street in Culver City recently.  He was transported to the local animal shelter spcaLA-South Bay for evaluation and care.  The entire trip to the shelter he shook uncontrollably with fear and he cowered in the corner of his cage once there.

He has been evaluated and determined to have been badly abused.  His paws are stained with urine burns and he has bite marks on his neck.  During an evaluation with a trainer Mack relaxed and showed his sweet side, wanting his belly rubbed and playing and interacting with the trainer.

Mack deserves a second chance, or really a first chance.  We will never know whether he was bred and used as a bait dog or a breeding dog.  He has proven that he is not aggressive, but terrified.  Mack responds to love and kindness and has not shown aggression, just fear.

Mack was recently pulled from the shelter and is now at his foster home, but Friends of Culver City Animals are in urgent need of donations to help pay for the training he desperately needs!  Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated!


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05/20/13  |  START TURNS TWO…

Exciting news everyone, today is START’S TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

Since 2011, we have rescued and transported over 3,300 animals and funded close to 750 spay/neuters.
START is appreciative of the many rescuers doing amazing work every day, which is why we’d like to GIVE BACK by holding a small contest for animal rescuers.

In ONE email send us your best BEFORE and AFTER picture of an animal rescued (Dog or cat) with a short paragraph including:
– Name of rescue group (or independent rescuer)
– Name of animal
– Which shelter the animal came from.
– The story of the dog/cat
– Contact info and donation info (so we can pay pal or mail a check)

All contest entries must be emailed to:
With email subject line:
“Your Name(or rescue group)-Before/After Contest”
by 11:59pm PST on May 26th 2013.

START will donate to the top four rescuers with the best before/after picture and story.
1st: $500
2nd: $300
3rd: $200
4th: $100
The WINNERS will be announced by June 2nd. If you have any question regarding the contest guidelines please email Jessica@STARTrescue.org.
Good luck!

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05/17/13  |  5/17/13 Weekly Wrap-Up!


Woof, woof, meow, meow–HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!

Click below to get START’s weekly wrap-up of highlights and updates from this past week:

START NEWS: 5/17/13 Weekly Wrap-Up

Have a great weekend!

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05/17/13  |  URGENT!!!!! BSL in LA COUNTY!!! Our own backyard!!!!!

This is urgent and we need to act now.

Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, Fifth District – Los Angeles County

Tony Bell, spokesman for Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich’s office stated on Friday, May 10, 2013 that Mr. Antonovich’s office intends to

try to REPEAL THE STATE LEVEL BAN ON BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION in order to allow cities to decide on their own.

YOU MUST SIGN this petition and FORWARD to EVERYONE who loves dogs and who LOVES and OWNS PITBULLS. URGENT!!!

Downtown Office
500 West Temple Street, Room 869
Los Angeles, CA 90012
·         Kathryn Barger Leibrich, Chief Deputy
·         Tony Bell, Assistant Chief Deputy/Communications Deputy
·         Michael Cano, Transportation Deputy
·         Phillip Chen, Health Deputy
·         Al Citraro, DeputyLeida Erickson, Deputy
·         Dr. Lori Glasgow, Assistant Chief Deputy
·         Fred Leaf, Senior Health Policy Advisor
·         Debra Mendelsohn, Military & Veteran Affairs/AQMD Deputy
·         Anna Pembedjian, Justice Deputy
·         Michelle Vega, Family and Children’s Deputy
·         Edel Vizcarra, Planning Deputy

Also wanted to point out that Antonovich is attempting to repeal his term limit as well, so, he can stay in office beyond the current term limit.  People need to be aware of this so they DO NOT allow him to stay in office after he is termed out.

He does nothing to help the animal community.

Call and tell him to fire Marcia Mayeda and get someone that actually gives a crap to bust dog breeders and fighters in his county.  Marcia Mayeda is the problem.  Not the breed.

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05/15/13  |  An AMAZING update on AVERY a.k.a FROG


This dog was rescued by START because another dog was murdered in Ireland because of his breed. Below is the letter we sent with AVERY (now called FROG) to the Willamette Humane to put on her kennel so potential adopters could read it.


 AVERY is truly a special girl.  She was rescued from almost certain death at the East Valley City Shelter in Los Angeles in honor and in memory of another very special dog LENNOX who lost his life to ignorance due to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Northern Ireland.

AVERY is part of LENNOX’S legacy, and is living proof that when the right people join forces new life and new hope can spring forth from tragedy and injustice.  AVERY will make a perfect family pet, she’s mellow, not a barker and is a fun loving affectionate girl that will bring a smile to your face everyday.

 So here she sits in front of you today ready to start her new life.


Shortly after she arrived at Willamette Humane she was a staff favorite and a wonderful woman called Darla came in and met AVERY and it was love at first sight.  She adopted her and now AVERY is now called FROG.

Please read her adopter’s comments about this special girl who was saved because of a dog that lost his life 7,000 miles away because of ignorance. Truly inspiring.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 8.46.48 PM

Dear Fans of Avery. 

I still am so thrilled that you have spent so much time and effort in raising funds and caring for my Frogger Dogger to bring her safely to me. I promised you pictures and periodic emails but severely slacked due to my schedule.  Please find attached some pics of FROG. 

FROG is my very best friend. She and I are nearly inseparable as we go for walks, visit family and friends, travel and just lay on the bed and enjoy each other. She is a beautiful and very intelligent dog. She is playful, attentive, so cute when she tries to jump and the most amazing full butt wagger that you could imagine. She loves coffee and a doggy treat, and sticking her head out the window to catch the breeze on the warm days.  Yes, she actually whines until I open the window for her. Thank you all for FROG she is a very special dog.


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05/11/13  |  START UPDATE: former Scared & Shy DENY from East Valley

Hey everyone,

A lot of people have been asking us about DENY, the former scared and shy dog from East Valley, so we wanted to share with you the latest update.
A few weeks ago we told you how DENY arrived safely in Lancaster with Sandy, but was too scared to come out of his crate and just needed a little time
….Well time healed everything!
DENY is doing great with Sandy! DENY even kisses her on the hand, wagged his tail, and even let her put a leash on him to go for a walk.
This just goes to show you what a little time and love will do. We are sure he will get better and better and we will keep you updated with his progress.
Check out a video update of DENY below.

Video Update: DENY





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05/10/13  |  5/10/13 WEEKLY WRAP-UP!




Click below to get START’s weekly wrap-up of highlights and updates from this past week:

START NEWS: 5/10/13 Weekly Wrap-Up

Enjoy & have a great weekend everyone!

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05/9/13  |  R.I.P. POPEYE—we’ll always love you!


POPEYE, a pitty that we rescued & fostered from Shafter Animal Shelter in January suffered an accidental death. Popeye was a START dog that went to Snipped Rescue on a mini transport where they did an amazing job on his eye removal surgery. He was then adopted out to a loving home.

Sadly, POPEYE was riding in the car with his new mom and leaned on the window control, rolled down the window and jumped out the moving truck before she could grab him and was run over.

Our hearts are so heavy right now, our stomachs in knots, but what keeps us going is knowing that POPEYE has had the best few months of his life living with his adoptive family, playing in the water, walking with his horse and doggie siblings and being loved!


Our hearts hurt tonight for his family, Snipped Rescue and Celeste & Ray.


Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.09.42 PM







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05/3/13  |  05/03 WEEKLY WRAP-UP: The “FANTASTIC 3” and other FANTASTIC UPDATES

WEEKLY WRAP-UP935188_465916863488037_1197995542_n

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!
We are going to be getting a TON of updates on the dogs that went on transport this week and the past few weeks…all the dogs arrived safely! (One of the dogs arrived sick, but is being treated at a vet and we hope it is just kennel cough).
We hired a videographer to film ALL our groups with interviews and pictures/videos of where our CA dogs go.  We will be putting something together in the next few weeks and send it out to you all once it’s complete.

In the meantime CLICK HERE for a few happy updates on dogs you donated on or sent good thoughts for (including the latest on the FANTASTIC 3). **If you haven’t already signed up for our email updates click the link above and SUBSCRIBE on the top left**

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04/20/13  |  UPDATE: Happy for MOONPIE

Hey everyone, Here is a wonderful update on MOONPIE from Liesl from Luv-a-bull:

“Attached is a video of MoonPie (now named Bear) and his new Pit Bull sister, Rosie. Watch it HERE

Moonpie was rescued by Julie from the CalCity shelter outside LA, CA. He was adopted by Hannah and her family, who live in Portland.  Her dad, Bill, is the one narrating the video of Bear.

Hannah lives in a house on the same 6 acre property as her parents, so they all “share” Bear and Rose. So far, things are going very well!  Bear has been neutered and while under the anesthesia, they really got in and cleaned his ears out.  You can see how good they are looking in the video!  And Bill said he allows them to medicate them too.

Hannah said Bear refused to get on the sofa or bed when he first arrived… but she’s really been working with him, and now he climbs onto the furniture and sleeps with her… she says he’s been “well trained” to get on the furniture, which just cracks me up!!!  That’s our kind of dog owner!!!

This family is so wonderful with him… We sure got lucky with them.  They have had Dogue De Bordeaux Mastiffs for years, so Bear didn’t intimidate them at all…They just gave him some time to trust them. He sure looks happy.  And WHITE!!!  I think they must bathe him a lot!!!  Wow… what a lucky dog.

Here is a photo of Bear and Hannah!”





Moonpie's sore ears...

Moonpie’s sore ears…

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DELILAH was sent out to be spayed by the shelter – she was brought back to the shelter to recover – she was found by shelter staff bleeding from her incision area with her intestines hanging out. the shelter vet immediately tried to restitch her up.

the shelter called START and asked us for our help – so we did. DELILAH is now at steve’s vet. She’ll be going to sandy once she is in stable condition.

We are in need of donations to help with vetting and boarding.

thank you!

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04/17/13  |  Please oppose AB 343 today – just two minutes can make all the difference! CA


This is an assault on our 1st amendment rights.  We need to get the word out, can you help us (and the animals who cannot speak out for themselves)?

Please call – write – share – fight.

Please take a few minutes to call or write the Chair and your representative.   The link to the information is below.  Please, these animals cannot speak out for themselves.  We must be their voice to protect them.  It will only take a few minutes and every single call and letter can make that difference.  You might be the tipping point for some of these representatives.  All you need to do is say you oppose 343 and ask them to vote against it.  You don’t need to have a conversation.  Honestly they don’t want to take that time anyway, but they do take a tally of who is for and who is against.



April 7, 2013

SCIL would like your help in voicing opposition for AB 343, authored by Assemblyman Jim Patterson, a Republican from Fresno. The bill is being pushed by the California Cattlemen’s Association.

AB 343 is an “Ag-Gag” bill which is simply meant to intimidate whistle blowers to animal cruelty, and meant to lessen or stop the process of exposing animal cruelty completely. This bill should be killed in the first hearing, to send a signal to the Cattlemen’s Association and to others who would attempt to introduce this type of bill.

Exposing animal cruelty, and standing up for voiceless animals who are abused on factory farms and in food production, is a right, not a privilege… and when sick animals enter the food supply, it is a public safety issue as well. This awful bill and others like it attempt to turn the good guy into the bad guy.

Below are links to recent editorials from the Los Angeles Times and Sacramento Bee and an opinion piece from the San Diego Tribune. All three articles are well written and all are against this terrible bill:




We agree with these articles wholeheartedly, and we need to bury this bill in the first committee. The Assembly Agriculture Committee is scheduled to hear the bill on April 17 at 1:30 p.m. – State Capitol, Room 126.

If you are an organization please use your letterhead and please get your letter in no later than Friday April 12thso that your group will be listed on the bill’s analysis for the hearing.

Please send your opposition letter to: Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman
Chair of the Agriculture Committee
Fax (916) 319-2184
Phone (916) 319-2084

The most important point to make is that you OPPOSE AB 343, authored by Assemblyman Jim Patterson.If you are an individual against this bill (not an organization) and would like to find out if your representative is on the Agriculture Committee, visit http://agri.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff. Phone numbers for contacting the members of the committee are available on this same link.

SCIL is not currently sponsoring any statewide legislation, but we will keep you updated on any bills we may ask you to support or oppose. We are concentrating our efforts this year on local legislation regarding spay & neuter, microchipping, and puppy mills/pet shops.

My sincere thanks,


Judie Mancuso, President
Social Compassion in Legislation

A 501(c)(4) nonprofit animal welfare organization working on solutions to pet overpopulation through state and local policy changes and implementation, community outreach, education and private and public programs.

100% of your donation goes to legislative goals in California, including spay and neuter legislation and anti-puppy mill legislation. SCIL has no paid employees and is run completely by volunteers.

The difference for these animals could be you and your call to oppose 343!!


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04/17/13  |  START is going to be “on the air” today on Love that Dog Hollywood with Addie Daddio!!

Hey friends,

Just a quick reminder that Steve Spiro, one of STARTS co-founders, will be “on the air” TODAY at 2pm to 4pm PST on Love that Dog Hollywood! The Radio Show! Please CLICK HERE to listen in.

For those of you who are not familiar with Love that Dog Hollywood! The Radio Show! Allow me to bring you up to speed. You can catch the show on Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm on channel 1 Love that Dog Hollywood. Addie Daddio, co-creator  and On Air Personality, Actor, and Animal Activist has a heart of gold and a show that created a community which shares the belief that the power of Love changes the hearts and lives of all beings—animal and human.

Love that Dog Hollywood! The Radio Show! is dedicated to bringing together Loving voices to generate awareness, fosters, volunteers, donations and conversation to help shelter and rescue animals find safe, loving, forever homes…I wasn’t kidding when I said heart of gold! Daddio and Love that Dog Hollywood! The Radio Show! are truly amazing and we couldn’t be more excited and thankful to be a part of the show…SO MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN TODAY at 2pm to 4pm PST!

Learn more about Love that Dog Hollywood! The Radio Show! by clicking here

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04/16/13  |  START UPDATE: TURK & HOWARD @ E. Valley Shelter

Hi guys,
I know most of you are wondering about TURK so I wanted to share with you the latest update. TURK is being pulled from the shelter and we will get him tomorrow after his neuter.

We have been asked 100 times to help old boy HOWARD who is sitting waiting for someone to make the rest of his life a happy one. Seeing the condition HOWARD is living in and hearing about his sad story we couldn’t turn our backs on him. That being said, if you can find it in your heart to just add $5 to your already kind donation for TURK we will go ahead and pull HOWARD too (we will pull him regardless anyway 🙂 ). It only takes $5 to make a difference in these sweet boys lives.

(Please see HOWARD’S sad story and pictures below)

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you all again!!

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer taking pledges but taking donations directly.


Pay Pal:

(Please write  “HOWARD” in the memo)

Snail mail:

PO Box 4792
Valley Village
CA, 91617
(Please write “HOWARD ” in the memo)

Like always, if for some reason this dog is adopted or euthanized we will rescue another in his place.



Sweet Senior HOWARD is wasting away at the E. Valley LA Shelter!
HOWARD is 10 yrs. old and is super sweet. HOWARD was found on the street confused and scared. He was brought into the shelter and is now fighting for his life! He is sleeping on cold concrete when he should be sleeping on a nice comfy bed enjoying the last years of his life. It looks like other dogs have beaten HOWARD up—bite marks on him, raw patches on his elbow pads due to the likelihood of being an outside dog his whole life. HOWARD has growths on his body and is underweight. He was neglected and discarded by his owner when he needed them the most. HOWARD is the epitome of how loving, gentle, and sweet a dog can still be despite horrible living conditions and neglect from the people who are supposed to care for him the most.

Check out this video of HOWARD & MAGGIE

Thank you all for supporting our efforts, we couldn’t do this without you!

Steve & The START Rescue team

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04/16/13  |  ENROLL, ENROLL, ENROLL!!! Now whenever you spend money at Ralphs, START makes money!!

Hi Everyone,

We have some very EXCITING news to share with you….Drum roll please…. Your favorite rescue team is now apart of Ralphs community contribution program! This means that if you have a Ralph’s rewards card Ralphs will donate a small percentage of your purchase to START every time you use your rewards card. What could be better than that?

Here’s the scoop: It’s super easy and only takes a couple minutes to complete.

You must have a Ralph’s rewards card, register your card, and then find us online under community contribution program. If you don’t currently have one, ask for a free rewards card at your local Ralphs and start saving money and give back to the animals all while you shop.

“But how do you register your card and sign up for the program?” you ask. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click here: Register online

  • On the top right of Ralph’s main page you will see “Community,” click on that.

  • Under the Community section, click on “Community Contribution” (third option down on the left hand side) Scroll down to “Participant” section and click on Enroll

  • Then follow Ralph’s instructions to enroll.

(If you haven’t registered your rewards card online you will have to create an account now. You will see the “Get started. Sign up today!” on the right side. Sign up and follow their instructions then proceed on to the next step.

  • After you fill in the info, you will have to confirm your email address. Once you complete that, it will ask you to Find Your Organization”.

  • Type in “START” and it will then list START – Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team. Please check on that box, and click Save Changes, and that does it.

Easy enough, right? Now go tell all your friends about this exciting new way to help START save more animals! We (and the animals) thank you in advance for not only spreading this news, but also for supporting our efforts—we truly couldn’t do this without you!

Take care,

START Rescue team

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