03/18/13  |  Nanny Update!!!!

Hello Everyone… Remember Nanny from East Valley??? Here is an Update from Liesl @ Luv A Bull about Nanny!

Well, after a very long time at East Valley Shelter in Los Angeles, and a few months at “Luv-a-Bull” in Oregon, Nanny has finally found her forever home!

The woman of the house, Jane, just retired and will have a lot of time to spend with Nanny and the other dogs. They are renovating a barn on the property in hopes of turning it into some heated kennel space to do some fostering and rescuing on their own for their community of “Shady Cove” in the future. They live near Crater Lake, Oregon in a beautiful area. They have 20 acres, FENCED for dogs.

This is a wonderful couple, who are dedicated to their dogs, and hope to help more dogs. As you can see, Nanny should have a really fun life, and be well cared for.

She is still on med’s for her mange, but is doing ok. We all loved this girl so very much… we could not be happier. — Liesl, Executive Director, LUVABULL OREGON






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