02/27/13  |  Midnite and Riley saved from the streets on South Central Los Angeles by START Team

START Rescue Team members Ray & Celeste saw a post on Fabebook about a poor pitty that had been sleeping on the streets for weeks in a very bad neighborhood of LA. Reports of people throwing things at the dog and the photo of him curled up on the concrete was enough to get them in the car and headed to the streets of South Central to find this baby (Steve also joined the rescue efforts). They searched the dark streets for what seemed like forever and along the way found another dog curled up sleeping on the streets. When they pulled over to say hello to the dog and he jumped up and came over to their car wagging his tale and begging for affection. There was no way that they were going to leave him there. Worried that they would not find the pitty they originally came for, they decided to take one last go around a few more blocks and…THEY FOUND HIM!!! He was running in a pack of dogs and gave chase for a while but as the other dogs ducked through fences Midnite stopped and came over to their car wagging his tale almost to say help me! And there it was 2 dogs rescued off the mean streets of South LA. They have been named Riley (Sheppard) and Midnite (Pitty). They are currently being fostered by Ray and Celeste but they already have 2 dogs and a cat in an apartment so these boys may have to be boarded until we can get them on a START Transport or find them local fosters or adopters. The boys are going to get examined, neutered, vaccinated and microchiped tomorrow. Please help us to network these boys. Our goal is to raise at least $500 per dog for their medical cost and care and hopefully have some left over to send with them to a rescue group or forever home. Please help by putting the amount you wish to donate in the comment section below. Once we reach $500 for each boy, we will ask you to send your donations then via Paypal to our donation email: Donations@Startrescue.org

Should you wish do donate now, THANK YOU and please remember to put MIDNITE & RILEY in the memo field.

Please HELP us so we can help these two boys have a great life and continue to save more. If you are interested in meeting either of the boys for possible fostering or adoption, please email startrescueteam@gmail.com

Here are videos of the boys rescue and of them with other dogs and a cat too so you can see how friendly they are:

Midnite and Riley arrive at their 1st warm bed: http://youtu.be/Wq3avKkuVxQ

Midnite and Riley on a walk together: http://youtu.be/3mVGZ9Nibq4
Riley rescue video: http://youtu.be/e9yXKACLgxw

Riley and small dogs and a cat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDI1akfiYLA

Midnite likes the little dog and kitty. What a sweet boy: http://youtu.be/z_o7MHph2P4

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The post that Ray and Celeste responded to on Facebook:

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