03/24/13  |  May and Spice, the Stockton Bullies, arrived in Eugene about 9am this morning…

UPDATE from Liesl @ Luv A Bull on the 2 dogs from Stockton that START transported on our last transoprt.

Hello Everyone!!! May and Spice, the Stockton Bullies, arrived in Eugene about 9am this morning…

I’m waiting on the good photographers in my group to email me their pictures of the pups out at LUVABULL… I will get those out to you guys later.

But here are a few pictures from the transfer this morning…

We are all so incredibly relieved and grateful that they finally made it! They had a walk together and are eating, had meds, and have a great little cottage all to themselves. We are totally in love with them… Yes, Spice is gorgeous and the girl is just adorable… what a pair. And YES, we will adopt them together, I can’t imagine them being separated. This is much hard to accomplish, but once in a while we do find people willing to take two dogs…we will sure work hard to find them the BEST POSSIBLE home, TOGETHER.

I can’t thank you all enough for what each of you did to contribute to saving this pair… it sure was a “group effort!” that’s for sure.

I think we’ve taken in a couple of hundred dollars in donations – Pam, please let me know what your vet has charged you for May’s surgeries and how best to pay you back. Paypal? And thank you so much for taking such good care of them while they were at your home, Pam. They look really good, even May, despite the surgeries… she is healing really well! They obviously got a lot of TLC while with you…




THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, everyone!!!! WE DID IT!!!

More photos to follow!!!
Luv-a-Bull Rescue

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