04/15/13  |  Luv-a-Bull continues to grow and do amazing things

Luv-a-bull  Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR

It’s always nice to see where your money is going to, right? Well check out this video of Luv-a-bull Luv-a-little dog rescue and sanctuary, a group we work closely with. Every dollar Luv-a-bull gets as a donation goes directly to dog care – primarily labor to care for them, medical care, and food.

Watch the VIDEO and SEE Luv-A-Bull’s Amazing Growth

Luv-a-bull would LOVE to build another cottage and expand their capacity. Can you help make that happen?


Donate HERE

It’s easy to see why we love them, now you can too!

woof woof spread the love!

Take Care,

START Rescue team

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