02/25/13  |  Layla from East Valley Shelter update!!!

Layla went up on our December transport from East Valley Shelter to one of our newest groups RAIN Rescue.

Here is an update from Layla’s forever home:

The pack is doing well. The grumpy little dogs are finally putting up with her on a daily basis although they still are not “playing” as of yet….but we think that is because the little dogs are snobby. Lol.

Layla has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has been working with “let go” “off” for crawling on people when excited) “down” and “leave it” she has mastered feeding time with the other dogs, up, off (off the couch and bed) and sit. She has a great temperament with people outside of our house, we are working on introducing people that come to our house…she is very afraid of people on her property at this time but she is getting better every day. We are also working on other dog introductions as she is not very patient with other animals other than the ones that live with her. Our trainer has helped us a lot in understanding how to keep rules and boundaries for her with positive training method.

We have run into some problems with a few people who do not understand the breed…and are afraid of the way she looks…but that is not Layla’s problem…we are doing our best to educate them and train Layla with perfect lady behavior so that she can be a specimen for her breed that will try and change the opinion of 1 person at a time with her loving ways.

She is AMAZING and has given me a reason, in the midst of the chaos and pain of our life, to get up every morning and smile all day long.



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