03/24/13  |  Kaya (AKA Shadow) UPDATE!!!

Hello Everyone –

Remember Kaya (AKA Shadow)? Let’s hope this is another happy ending! Below is an update from Mandy and Jeremy, who took Shadow into their home and have been working so much with her.

Shadow HAS BEEN ADOPTED… J Photos below of Shadow (now named Kaya) with her new family. This is a local adoption, and Mandy and Jeremy and Luv-a-Bull will continue to provide support and advice, as needed, and will also take Shadow back should things not work out.



I spoke with Kaya’s family today and she’s still going strong! I wanted to make sure the people in CA who love her, and paid for us to work with her, would like to know how she did.

After week one Kaya we had her fully intergrated into our home. She went on daily bike rides and walks. She was a serious cat chaser, which could be dangerous in the wrong hands. So Jeremy spent 4 sessions a day on cat training on leash. She also redirected on my dogs twice, causing some punctures but she stopped the second we commanded her too. We realized she is a resource guarder. So she had serious training around toys, food, and even water. She learned so fast, we were amazed by how easy she was to teach new behaviors.

Kaya came to school daily to pick kids up and met several kids and families. We noticed how she attracted people to her within minutes of entering a group of people. She became quite popular very quickly!! Jeremy took Kaya on daily play group sessions with dogs of all sizes. He wanted to teach her how to be appropriate with small dogs. She would hunt the little dogs at first and try to get to them. But after ONE DAY she learned that was not acceptable and had many little dog friends. Kaya learned sit, down, stay, come, shake, out of the kitchen, crate up, and nose 5!

We decided she was adoptable and ready to go. We wanted her to be part of a family since she loves kids so much. We felt due to her redirection issues, and the lack of time given prior to her reactions, a single dog home would be best. The one application that stood out was the home with no dogs and two girls. Mom is home most of the day, they are very active and want a jogging partner, Dad wants a dog to go on road trips with their family and enjoy the great outdoors. They have no cats, and no family members with dogs. She is the center of their world. On their first meet up, Kaya went to them and laid at their feet for a belly rub. She’s usually reserved when meeting new people. But…Kaya KNEW this was her family. She gave kisses, did tricks, was ever so gentle with the kids, and wouldn’t leave their feet. We spent time with the family on walks, discussing how to react to her if she tries to chase cats. We also went over the possibility of dog redirection. They feel 100% confident they won’t have an issue since they do not have other dogs in their lives. They fell in love with her and will do anything to make her happy. Our second visit she walked around their neighborhood and she was tuned into her people, she got that she had to be polite with this family too.

After the home check, where she has a BIG, BEAUTIFUL, back yard and a gorgeous house complete wither own snugly bed, new toys, quality food, and a doggy pool for the summer time. She is in heaven!!

I do want to Thank you for giving Kaya (AKA Shadow) a second chance. I’m so very glad we took her in and tuned her up. She needed it, that is for sure, and she deserved it even more. Another happy ending for a Luv-a-Bull Pitty, we couldn’t be happier.




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