02/9/13  |  HUCKLEBERRY and TITUS are SAFE!!

Thought you’d like to hear a bit of good news going into your weekend. HUCKLEBERRY is SAFE & we’ll also be rescuing TITUS.

HUCKLEBERRY got neutered today and Liz and Lynn (Our wonderful volunteers and friends) went to pick HUCKLEBERRY up from the vet and Liz will foster him until he is a happy dog and is either placed into a loving home in LA or is sent to one of our
Receving groups in Oregon or WA.

Please read what Liz wrote about him below under the payment info.

THANK YOU “ALL” for supporting this dog’s journey and we ALSO wanted to share the good news that TITUS did well with other dogs (It was not the temp test off leash as we prefer but we can tell from the video that he is a solid dog) we are waiting to find out when we can get him.
Watch Titus’s VIDEO

Poor Huck…Click HERE to watch Huck’s shelter video…Pre RESCUE

Also “Thank You” Lily, Bella and Karen for your help.

Below is what Liz wrote about HUCKLEBERRY tonight:

Here are some pix of Huck with my pack at home… apologies for the dark pix as my lighting is not the best in my house nor do I know how to work the camera I have :)… Anyway just wanted you to know Huck did great on the ride home… I had him in a blanket and he was all cuddled up snoring… so cute… when I got to my place he didn’t want to come out he is very timid, so I let my pack of three into the garage and they just jumped into the back set of my car with Huck and everyone was sniffing butts… they all finally got out of the car and into the house… I put some food out for Huck he has no food or toy aggression… My dogs love him and I do believe they will help Huck see that not all humans are bad. I can’t even begin to image his life …. He is just so sweet.. Better pix to come tomorrow… Oh and Huck made himself right at home on the couch…I will get a pic of that as well along with a video …. He just needs to come out of his shell and he will… oh and one other thing Huck’s tail wagged when he saw my pack… I wish I could have captured that moment… next time.




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