Tips for Animal Care Home Safety Information for Pet Owners • And More

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Pet Safety Tips offers this Pet Safety Guide with tips on avoiding common household dangers for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing your home, and pet safety during a natural disaster. Click the article below to read more.


Medical First Aid & CPR for Pets

Claricode The Healthcare Software Experts offers this information about Medical First Aid and CPR for pets, with tips on preventative measures and treating common pet injuries and emergencies. Click here to read more. Special thanks to Cindy Powell, a Girl Scout Leader in California and her Brownie Scouts for sharing this article with us to post on our resource guide. While earning their “Pets” badge, they came across START’s Resource Guide. The purpose of the badge they earned was to teach them how to keep their pets happy and healthy. These Brownie Scouts are doing their absolute best to follow the Girl Scout slogan of “Do a good turn daily” and we are very proud of them!


Pet Dental Care

Emergency Dentists USA offers this article with tips on how to clean your pets teeth, recommendations for pet dental tools, information on pet dental costs, pet dental insurance, pet treats that promote healthy teeth for your pets, and more…
Article by Katherine McKay, domestic animal science and animal grooming expert. Courtesy of Emergency Dentists.


Exercising Your Dog Indoors

Smart Dog Owners offers this guide with tips on keeping your dog fit and tired when going outside isn’t an option. This ultimate guide offers suggestions and ideas for indoor exercise and play. Read more at the link below.