05/22/13  |  Help Save Mack’s Life

We’re helping our friends out at Friends of Culver City Animals rescue group by sharing MACK’s story and urging everyone to donate (if you can) and to just help spread the word so MACK’s life can be saved! Below is MACK’S “When You Wish” fundraiser.


Mack is at a foster home and needs training while his forever home is found.


Mack was found running down the middle of a busy street in Culver City recently.  He was transported to the local animal shelter spcaLA-South Bay for evaluation and care.  The entire trip to the shelter he shook uncontrollably with fear and he cowered in the corner of his cage once there.

He has been evaluated and determined to have been badly abused.  His paws are stained with urine burns and he has bite marks on his neck.  During an evaluation with a trainer Mack relaxed and showed his sweet side, wanting his belly rubbed and playing and interacting with the trainer.

Mack deserves a second chance, or really a first chance.  We will never know whether he was bred and used as a bait dog or a breeding dog.  He has proven that he is not aggressive, but terrified.  Mack responds to love and kindness and has not shown aggression, just fear.

Mack was recently pulled from the shelter and is now at his foster home, but Friends of Culver City Animals are in urgent need of donations to help pay for the training he desperately needs!  Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated!


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