03/6/13  |  HAPPY UPDATE! Shannon von Roemer sent you a video: “”SAVING MERCY” – A pit bull tradgedy”

MERCY is out of the hospital and wagging her tail to say thank you for all those that sent well wishes and donations. She is happy at her foster home thanks to you! Watch the VIDEO

“SAVING MERCY” – A pit bull tradgedy
by Shannon von Roemer
I received a call from a women in Inglewood late Saturday night about a severely injured dog in the bushes. She said it was a pit bull. I gathered my resources and found a beautiful, beyond sweet young pup suffering with extensive injuries. “Mercy” showed her gratitude with kisses and handing you her paw. Alex at Pet Care Center gathered her medical team and Mercy was transported to her veterinary clinic in S. Central. There it was discovered that her injuries, a crushed paw, a fractured hip and severe skin injuries from being dragged by a car were going to take an extensive hospital stay to put her back together. Mercy was living like that for at least 2 days. She is one of the bravest girls ever!!! Please donate to her fund… “Saving Mercy”

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