02/25/13  |  Happy Ending: Our little Nakeds

Hey guys… these siblings Xoloitzcuintlis (Mexican Hairless) came from Riverside on January 11th and went to one of our amazing groups, Luv-a-Bull . They turned out to be really amazing puppies! And now they have a wonderful home – together!!!

This is from Liesl at Luv-a-Bull:
Mandy and Jeremy fostered them and said they’re both smart as heck… and really unusual dogs. They use their paws almost like hands and can pick up things… and they wrap their arms around people to hug them. When we got them, they were about 4 months old, and very fearful and cautious about everything. Mandy and Jeremy donated countless hours to training and socializing them and had them live with their own dogs and children to learn how to be in a home… it paid off. They were just adopted today to this sweet family in Portland.

We have really, really enjoyed these two amazing puppies… Here they are with their new family. We realized they very much needed to be adopted together. They are very unusual dogs, unlike other breeds in many ways, and we felt they would really, really be lost without each other… And we found this incredible family to take them from Portland, Oregon. They have an elderly hairless Chinese Crested and an older American Hairless Terrier… So they know about caring for hairless dogs and the special needs they can have. They have been spayed/neutered and are very healthy puppies.



Thanks so much for letting us have them here! I think they will have wonderful lives in the Pacific Northwest!

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