02/21/13  |  Feb START Transport 86 Dogs Saved …And a Ferret

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who donate to our transport which celebrated over 3000 animals rescued since May 2011

Here are a few pics Liz, who runs our FB page, took at the load up yesterday. Click HERE to VIEW PHOTOS

86 dogs were on board (9 pits) and one Ferret!

There were a pair of pugs that had been separated who got reunited on transport day and went to LUV A BULL.
Also, there was a little chi who almost didn’t get to go, but HEARTLAND HUMANE said yes to him at the last minute because one of the volunteers at the load up fought for him. The little guy was the sweetest thing and gives hugs and love.

There were so many stories of dogs who almost lost their lives but are getting a second chance today because of the compassion of our Oregon, WA and Canadian groups.

Not to mention we also rescued a Ferret (see pic) who traveled first class.

If you still want to donate we will use it towards saving more lives.

THANK YOU all from the bottom of our hearts and all the dogs (and Ferett) you helped save.


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