Saving Dogs From the South Korean Meat Trade

After learning about the horrors of the dog meat trade in South Korea, and many sleepless nights, START wanted to try and help in any way we could. We were introduced to the amazing Nami Kim, a retired Korean School professor, who along with a small team of volunteers, have been working both physically and politically to end this barbaric practice. 

In June 2016 Nami was able to close down one of these farms, and as a result rescued over 400 dogs from torture and slaughter. She bought a piece of property in South Korea, (ironically, a former meat farm) where these dogs are given safety and security until they can be transported to reputable rescue groups overseas. 

Throughout 2016 START began bringing these dogs in from South Korea to the United States, where they were placed into loving homes in California and the Pacific Northwest. They are now loved and respected and will never endure suffering again.

Ugly Martin

UGLY MARTIN was rescued by Nami Kim from a dog meat farm she closed down in June 2016. He was named ‘ugly’ by the Butcher who refused to kill MARTIN as he said he was: “Too ugly to kill and eat.”  MARTIN also had skin issues and was underweight. He is now living a great (and spoiled) life in California and was adopted by Vicki and Lori who ADORE their new 4-legged son. 

Egg Roll

EGG ROLL was sitting on a truck waiting to enter the slaughterhouse but was rescued by one of Nami Kim’s volunteers. START brought her over to the United States, and she went on a private transport to The Safehaven Humane Society in Oregon and was adopted by Heidi, a staff member, who fell head-over-heals in love with her.

Because of the efforts to save the Korean meat dogs, little EGG ROLL is a beloved family member today. I picked the name EGG ROLL not to be callous, but as a conversation starter.  As soon as her name is given, people ask me,  “Why did you name her EGG ROLL?”  I then have the perfect
opening to tell her story mentioning START and Nami Kim and letting them know to find the Facebook pages and websites. In my position at SafeHaven, I have the opportunity to share the story of her rescue between 5 to 10 times a day with clients and volunteers. She now has a killer wardrobe that all the volunteers want to see each day and staff comes by each morning to see what her mama has her dressed in for that day. Below is the link for the newspaper article that appeared in the Democrat Herald about the international transport that mentions both START and Nami. EGG ROLL owes her very life to so many, and I don’t know how we lived without her!”

Democrat Herald article (click to read)

EGG ROLL even has her very own Facebook page, click here 


MORGAN was rescued by Nami Kim from a South Korean Dog meat farm last June. He arrived in LA at the end of November 2016 and START sent him on a private transport to the Safehaven Humane Society in Oregon. He was very shy at first, but warmed up and was adopted shortly after. (yay).

From MORGAN’s new family: 
“MORGAN is doing really well and goes by the name KODA now. Initially he was quite the handful since he was so fearful of everything (humans, other animals, even the TV!) BUT with a lot of love and patience, I am happy to report that he has made significant changes, and has been able to come out his shell more and become the dog that he was intended to be. He spends most of his days napping, playing with his also adopted sister KAI, going on hikes, and eating homemade doggie food. He’s a very sweet guy and shows us his unconditional love each and every day. We really got lucky to have him as part of our family! As for a funny story, we’ve noticed that recently that he really enjoys looking into mirrors at our house. We notice him always glancing at himself and joke that ever since we got him a new collar, (we also have a bow tie that we put on sometimes) he can’t help but check himself out, I don’t blame him though, he’s quite the handsome dog!” 

Kate & NARI

KATE & NARI (formerly called BORO) were rescued from a meat farm in July 2016. They were in the care of Nami Kim until we were able to bring them over to the United States on January 31st 2017. Both of these dogs were incredibly lucky. Not only did they survive the brutal and sadistic meat farm, but they both found forever homes within a week of arriving to California. Their new families simply adore them.

KATE, (now called ATREYU) was adopted by Hannah, who takes ATREYU to work with her every day. She gets to nap under her mom’s desk, and hang out with the other office dog. (not a bad life, eh?)

NARI, was adopted by Marissa and is spoiled rotten. She has a little chihuahua brother named HARLEY and the two love each other. NARI was recently photographed for Fashion Tails, a coffee table book which features rescue pets with celebrities. She even has her own instagram page: @Narithejindo 

Darin & Sadie

DARIN was rescued from a Korean BBQ slaughterhouse in South Korea and SADIE was rescued from a dog meat farm. Both witnessed the torture and slaughter of other dogs in front of their eyes. SADIE was especially traumatized and Nami Kim’s team spent a couple of months working with her. These two special girls then got to fly over to California where they were welcomed by START.

After spending some time decompressing, they were driven on a private transport to Oregon where they recevied further training by Beloved Rescue who socialized them on a daily basis by taking them to parks, busy shopping areas and slowly getting them used to being around people and learning to trust and be happy dogs again. It worked!  DARIN & SADIE found amazing homes shortly after! 

To see DARIN & SADIE’s rescue video, please click below.


HARVEST was rescued from a dog meat farm and was literally hours away from being killed for food. She is now in a loving home in Oregon and happy as happy can be.


HARRY was smart and brave enough to escape a dog meat farm and found himself in the safe hands of Nami Kim. He was flown over to the United States and went to one of our receiving partners, Homeward Bound, who found him a foster.  The foster fell in love with HARRY… and adopted him! He’s doing great and enjoying his new life as a spoiled dog.