04/16/13  |  ENROLL, ENROLL, ENROLL!!! Now whenever you spend money at Ralphs, START makes money!!

Hi Everyone,

We have some very EXCITING news to share with you….Drum roll please…. Your favorite rescue team is now apart of Ralphs community contribution program! This means that if you have a Ralph’s rewards card Ralphs will donate a small percentage of your purchase to START every time you use your rewards card. What could be better than that?

Here’s the scoop: It’s super easy and only takes a couple minutes to complete.

You must have a Ralph’s rewards card, register your card, and then find us online under community contribution program. If you don’t currently have one, ask for a free rewards card at your local Ralphs and start saving money and give back to the animals all while you shop.

“But how do you register your card and sign up for the program?” you ask. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click here: Register online

  • On the top right of Ralph’s main page you will see “Community,” click on that.

  • Under the Community section, click on “Community Contribution” (third option down on the left hand side) Scroll down to “Participant” section and click on Enroll

  • Then follow Ralph’s instructions to enroll.

(If you haven’t registered your rewards card online you will have to create an account now. You will see the “Get started. Sign up today!” on the right side. Sign up and follow their instructions then proceed on to the next step.

  • After you fill in the info, you will have to confirm your email address. Once you complete that, it will ask you to Find Your Organization”.

  • Type in “START” and it will then list START – Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team. Please check on that box, and click Save Changes, and that does it.

Easy enough, right? Now go tell all your friends about this exciting new way to help START save more animals! We (and the animals) thank you in advance for not only spreading this news, but also for supporting our efforts—we truly couldn’t do this without you!

Take care,

START Rescue team

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