Life insurance policies are a great asset that can be donated to START Rescue. In many cases, this can be the most effective and convenient asset that you can give.

policy donation

Donors can make a substantial gift by purchasing a new policy and gifting the policy to START Rescue. Perhaps most importantly, START Rescue will receive the entire face amount of the policy upon the death of the donor.

naming START rescue as a beneficiary

Donors can name START Rescue as a primary, joint, or contingent beneficiary to a new or existing life insurance policy. Naming START Rescue as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy is the simplest way to provide us with the death benefit proceeds from a policy.

giving a paid-up policy

Donors can transfer ownership of a paid-up life insurance policy to START Rescue.

START can then elect to either cash in the policy or keep the policy and receive the death benefit later.

By either gifting a policy or naming START Rescue as your beneficiary, you can provide us with a large sum of money that will create a lasting legacy and forever change the lives of thousands of animals.

For additional information in connection with a planned gift,
please contact or call Kaytlin at (310) 880-2408


We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your charitable goals. However, the information on this page is not intended as legal or tax advice. There are tax consequences associated with any gift, especially retirement accounts after someone passes. Any potential donors are responsible for learning about any tax consequences associated with a gift or bequest. We recommend contacting an estate planning attorney and/ or financial advisor to discuss these issues.