02/12/13  |  Bait Puppy Gets a New START

This is a story that we have been following for a few months….

Coco was found wondering the streets of LA with wounds all over her body! We think she was used as a bait dog. People from all over the country pitched in and got her the medical care she needed and now….SHE JUST GOT ADOPTED!!!

We wish you a life of LOVE and Happiness sweet Coco!!! Here is a photo of darling Coco leaving the vet’s office and on her way to her new home. Boy, did the staff love her there. And as you can tell, she certainly loved them right back! Hugs & kisses all around.

Coco emergency1


photo (6)

Thank you to Tails of the City Animal Rescue for rescuing and caring for Coco!!!

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