01/23/13  |  Attention all Los Angeles Animal Activists,Rescuers and PET OWNERS.

As you all know, the Mayor of Los Angeles plays a very important part in laws and ordinances governing the protection of domestic pets,zoo animals, and wildlife as well as laws established to protect or prosecute rescuers and animal welfare activists .

The Mayor as you may know, is in charge of appointing and firing members of the Animal Services Commission ( the Commission specifically established to set policy for the LA Dept of Animal Services), hiring and firing the Dept General Manager, and overall sets the tone regarding issues that effect animals, and those citizens that are passionate about protecting them. That’s YOU!

Our present Mayor has shown no interest in providing that protection for either you or the animals you so diligently fight to save. His administration has turned a blind eye to your pleas for more modern life saving shelter policies,public educational programs, and in the not too distant past, abuse at the shelter level to both the animals and the rescuers and volunteers, as well as ( despite the court’s recent ruling that the elephants at our LA zoo have been the subject of overt cruelty and abuse) a complete disinterest in the welfare of those elephants.

Thankfully, the FAILED MAYOR is on his way out.


Now, you can either choose to allow those special interests that consider animal welfare the bottom of the political food chain to elect a Mayor, who will appoint an administration who is of the same mind, OR help elect one who shares your concerns and will hire pro-active deputies ( maybe one of you????) who will be accessible to both your ideas and passion for a more humane and progressive environment for the animals we love.


When the League of Humane Voters presents the candidates who speak about their commitments to animals on Sunday February 17 at the Beverly Garland on Vineland in North Hollywood, from 10 to 2.


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