03/1/13  |  Another updated video of Rosie with her forever family….

Rosie got ADOPTED see her with her new family! Click HERE TO WATCH

Update from her new family:

Rosie is doing well:) She is still shy with my husband but she is warming up to him slowly. He took her for a short run yesterday (she literally only went for 5 minutes and wanted to come back). He then took all 3 dogs out for a walk last night, and it went well, and I think she preferred being with them rather than on her own. Today however, she is too tired to go on her walk. At least so far. These dogs have been chasing each other around the back yard SO MUCH and let me tell you Rosie is FAST when she gets going! They go outside to play, and they all come in and literally collapse on the floor to rest. It’s great exercise. She now will go outside without me to potty and play as long as her friends are with her.

Monday felt like a step backwards because she wanted to pretty much hide under our bed all day. Then last night I found out why. She was chewing on my slipper and had pulled it under the bed, so I think she was really just going back to it and spent the day enjoying herself. Yesterday and today however, she has been wandering around the house and is not so timid or scared to noises or sudden movement, which is great to see. She is even leaving my side to go explore! I think she is getting comfortable:)

Today she has been in such good spirits and so out there that I have been able to snap some pictures as well as a quick video. Please disregard my messy hair:) I will send a few emails as to not make the emails too large to open. Would love to hear feedback once you see the video and pics:)




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