05/15/13  |  An AMAZING update on AVERY a.k.a FROG


This dog was rescued by START because another dog was murdered in Ireland because of his breed. Below is the letter we sent with AVERY (now called FROG) to the Willamette Humane to put on her kennel so potential adopters could read it.


 AVERY is truly a special girl.  She was rescued from almost certain death at the East Valley City Shelter in Los Angeles in honor and in memory of another very special dog LENNOX who lost his life to ignorance due to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Northern Ireland.

AVERY is part of LENNOX’S legacy, and is living proof that when the right people join forces new life and new hope can spring forth from tragedy and injustice.  AVERY will make a perfect family pet, she’s mellow, not a barker and is a fun loving affectionate girl that will bring a smile to your face everyday.

 So here she sits in front of you today ready to start her new life.


Shortly after she arrived at Willamette Humane she was a staff favorite and a wonderful woman called Darla came in and met AVERY and it was love at first sight.  She adopted her and now AVERY is now called FROG.

Please read her adopter’s comments about this special girl who was saved because of a dog that lost his life 7,000 miles away because of ignorance. Truly inspiring.

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Dear Fans of Avery. 

I still am so thrilled that you have spent so much time and effort in raising funds and caring for my Frogger Dogger to bring her safely to me. I promised you pictures and periodic emails but severely slacked due to my schedule.  Please find attached some pics of FROG. 

FROG is my very best friend. She and I are nearly inseparable as we go for walks, visit family and friends, travel and just lay on the bed and enjoy each other. She is a beautiful and very intelligent dog. She is playful, attentive, so cute when she tries to jump and the most amazing full butt wagger that you could imagine. She loves coffee and a doggy treat, and sticking her head out the window to catch the breeze on the warm days.  Yes, she actually whines until I open the window for her. Thank you all for FROG she is a very special dog.


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