09/30/12  |  S.T.A.R.T. HUGE TRANSPORT from RIVERSIDE on Oct 4th

Below is a few of the dogs that will be riding on one of our vans next week to escape euthanasia here in CA.

We are planning on sending up over 160 dogs and cats to begin new lives with one of our 14 receiving groups in Oregon and WA.

The majority will come from Riverside (all the 20 cats we are sending will come from Riverside). We are also taking dogs from Camarillo, Delano, Downey, Harbor and SBC. One of the many dogs we are helping is NORMAN (from San Bernardino City Shelter) he is a Pitbull Mix who was hog tied and dumped in a School field.  He will go to The Willamette Humane. 

We are also helping some homeless dogs, dogs from a hoarding situation and some strays.  ALL WILL BEGIN NEW LIVES.

We are helping many medical need dogs that were already on the euth list but one of our groups offered to help.

We are taking Pits, Chi’s, moms with pups, the broken, the weak and the forgotten.

They will be able to begin fresh and get the second chance they deserve.

They will go up on our Van, an RV, a large SUV and a plane.

Below is our chip and we need YOUR support to make this possible.


Neglected dog who will begin fresh

Dumped Shepherd who will begin a new life

Best friends who will begin new lives

Kitties who were tossed away – but will find love

Sweet cat who will get a second chance


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