Have A Heart Humane Society and Kern County Animal Control are pleased to offer the first of several low cost pet spay, neuter and vaccination clinics planned for Tehachapi.

Following articles in local newspapers in which Have A Heart Humane Society founder/president, Chelley Kitzmiller asked the Tehachapi City Council to allocate $5000 to bring Kern County Animal Control’s mobile spay/neuter unit to Tehachapi, two private donors came forth with a total of $5500. One donor, giving $5000, wishes to remain anonymous. The other, Marvin Sobel, owner of the Orchard Shopping Center on Tucker Road, donated $500 toward the effort. Both donors are committed to helping end the pet over-population crisis.
“We are hopeful that other Tehachapi residents and businesses will want to get involved by donating money to bring an end to Tehachapi’s pet over-population,” says Kitzmiller.
The first spay/neuter clinic is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2013 at West Park, 490 West “D” Street (1½ blocks south of K-Mart). Space is limited to approximately 30 pets per clinic date, so reservations are required. The cost of $15 per pet includes spay or neuter, DHPP and Rabies vaccinations, Microchip and county licensing. “It is our hope that this outrageously reasonable price will help Tehachapi’s low income and fixed income pet owners, however, the clinic is open to all Tehachapi residents,” says Kitzmiller.
in addition to the spay/neuter clinic, Have A Heart Humane Society along with Kern County Animal Control will host a vaccination clinic from 9 am to 3 pm, no reservations required. DHPP and FVRCPvaccinations and microchips will be free. Rabies shots will be $5 and pets must be at least four months old. All pets vaccinated for Rabies must also be licensed. The license fee for altered dogs is $15, unaltered $60. All dogs must be securely leashed and cats should be in carriers.
“This is a dream come true for pet rescuers and pet lovers,” says Kitzmiller. “I didn’t know Supervisor Scrivner was working on organizing spay/neuter clinics and he didn’t know I was until the newspaper articles came out. And now, Have A Heart, Supervisor Scrivner, Kern County Animal Control and The Tehachapi Humane Society are all coming together in what I consider to be a historic and monumental effort to save pets’ lives.”
In 2012, 32,565 cats and dogs were taken into Kern County Animals Shelters and 20,094 of those were euthanized. These numbers do not include deceased animals picked up off the streets. Tehachapi contributed 331 cats and dogs to that number, 55 of which were picked up in the City of Tehachapi, the rest in the county. There are no statistics on how many dogs and cats were taken in and given permanent shelter by Tehachapi residents or how many were absorbed by Tehachapi rescues.
Have A Heart’s partner rescue, The Tehachapi Humane Society, will be joining the effort to make these clinics a huge success. “This is way past due in Tehachapi,” says Iris Lehr, Dog Coordinator of the Tehachapi Humane Society. “Having worked with lost and stray animals in this town for five years, I find that about 90% of them are not spayed or neutered.”
Supervisor Scrivner will be hosting a second Tehachapi clinic May 11, another in Mojave and two in Bakersfield (dates and locations to be announced). “It will take a lot of these clinics to make the difference we need,” says Kitzmiller. “It’s time for people to step up and become socially responsible. If Gandhi had lived in Tehachapi, he would have changed his quote to say, “The greatness of Tehachapi and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way its residents and its politicians treat its animals.”
To make a reservation for the April 6 or the May 11 clinic please email Tehachapispay@gmail.com. If you don’t have email, call the Have A Heart Google Voice line at 661-750-2261 and leave a slow, clear message and a number where we can reach you.

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