03/13/13  |  START’S oldest supporter — Stella Goren

Stella Goren is START’S oldest supporter (that we know of)
She was born on June 26, 1921, in New Haven, Conn.
She signed up in 1941 to serve in World War II but they weren’t taking
women yet but in 1943 joined the Marines and went on duty until Dec. 20, 1945. She has three children and at the age of 62 Stella quit working to pursue Her personal interests or painting, sculpting, weaving and Israeli dancing.

At the young age of 79 she joined IN -TRAINING gym in Hollywood where she learned to box with the agreement that she could hit anyone she wanted without any exchanges!!!! (Believe me she hits HARD!!!)
Stella is a huge animal lover, a wonderful mother, grandmother and a great grandmother!
START honors this wonderful inspirational lady who puts a smile on anyone who is lucky to cross her path. (but don’t piss her off as she has mighty left hook!)


With Stan Ward (Former CA Heavyweight Boxing Champ) AND Pictured with Chris DeRose (President of LCA)
(Chris is on the right!)



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