03/29/13  |  100 Dogs Rescued in Multi-State Dog Fighting Bust

The ASPCA is currently providing shelter, veterinary services and other care to nearly 100 dogs rescued last weekend in a three-state, federal dog fighting raid in Missouri, Kansas and Texas.

A search warrant was executed Saturday night in Kansas after the FBI raided a location suspected of holding a contract dog fight in north Texas. The ASPCA, with the help of local agencies, assisted in the seizure of the dogs in Texas and two locations in Kansas. Two additional warrants were served Sunday morning, resulting in the removal of the dogs in Missouri, where the victims were found chained outdoors in freezing temperatures.

We’ll have more information on these resilient dogs soon, but for now: Know that these dogs are finally safe and will never face a fight again.

Sadly, untold numbers are still suffering, and the ASPCA is doing our utmost to stop dog fighters and perpetrators of bloodsports everywhere.

Help us be a hero for these dogs—and countless others—and help us continue to fight animal cruelty across the country.


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