05/3/13  |  05/03 WEEKLY WRAP-UP: The “FANTASTIC 3” and other FANTASTIC UPDATES

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HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!
We are going to be getting a TON of updates on the dogs that went on transport this week and the past few weeks…all the dogs arrived safely! (One of the dogs arrived sick, but is being treated at a vet and we hope it is just kennel cough).
We hired a videographer to film ALL our groups with interviews and pictures/videos of where our CA dogs go.  We will be putting something together in the next few weeks and send it out to you all once it’s complete.

In the meantime CLICK HERE for a few happy updates on dogs you donated on or sent good thoughts for (including the latest on the FANTASTIC 3). **If you haven’t already signed up for our email updates click the link above and SUBSCRIBE on the top left**

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