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START Rescue is proud to be a partner of the SAVE A BARK program. The act of finding a veterinarian through Vetary results in a donation to START to help save more lives, medical care, and vaccinations. Vetary delivers that care by making cash grants to START specifically for life-saving activities. Just click the Vetary logo and look for your vet. Each time you use a vet through VetarySTART will get a donation. This is a Nationwide service.

Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners

Common Household Dangers for Pets

Food Safety for Pets

How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Pet Safety During A Natural Disaster


Petkey is a worldwide lost & found pet recovery database. We have been helping animal lovers find their lost ones for over 12 years. We have a lot of detailed info on our site regarding pet ownership, adoption, animal microchips, and dog training.

Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care so important! View this article for tips on how to clean your pets teeth, recommendations for pet dental tools, information on pet dental costs, pet dental insurance, pet treats that promote healthy teeth for your pets, and more…
Article by Katherine McKay, domestic animal science and animal grooming expert. Courtesy of Emergency Dentists.


PET LIABILITY INSURANCE – Coverage for Medical Expenses and Legal Defense if Your Pet Causes An Injury

Canine Liability coverage, available through Dean Insurance,  offers broad coverage, no deductible, and is available in all states, except Alaska. Each dog is individually underwritten so no specific breed is excluded. Plus, with our policy, we can add the property management company or landlord on the policy as an additional insured.

Dog bite insurance is crucial for any responsible pet owner in securing yourself from liability should your dog bite an individual and cause harm. Visit the website below for more information.

PET-FRIENDLY HOUSING – Search Pet Friendly Rentals

ABODO has the largest list of currently available pet friendly housing. The inability to find pet friendly housing is one of the leading causes of cat & dog abandonment. Every year thousands of cats & dogs are euthanized because they don’t have a home. ABODO actively supports pet rescue organizations throughout the country.

Visit the website below and enter your zip code to see Pet-Friendly rental listings in your area.


State-By-State Guide to Moving with Pets (Animal Import Laws)

When you’re busy packing boxes and booking a moving company, reading up on the laws in your new state is probably not anywhere near the top of your to-do list. But when moving with pets, it’s worth taking the time to make sure you aren’t breaking the law.
Regulations vary greatly by state; West Virginia has none, while several states in the Northeast have many restrictions. Most states require some form of a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for at least some animals. The CVI helps ensure that only healthy animals are transported across state lines.

Failing to meet these requirements could result in a fine or other penalties. GoodCall® researchers have simplified the process with the map below, which offers a listing of the laws by state for moving with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and horses. The data comes from information from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Click the link below for more information about Animal Import Laws in your State.

State-By-State Guide to Moving with Pets